Backyard Angel

Words & Music © 2005 Anderson Toone   country waltz

Am                  Em (Gbass)   Em                    Dm

My spirit's bent and broken, this wasn't in the cards

Am                 Em (Gbass)   Em                       Dm

I need some truth to light my way,   like an angel in the yard


why did your heart forsake me? goddam it hurts so hard

I need a sign that dawn will break, like an angel in the yard

you got your hooks into me like glass your shattered shards

have splintered all around me,  like fallen angels in the yard


F     C            G ( all D bass)

I believed in you Fooled by your disguise

F                      C       G   Am

You destroyed my life Right before my eyes


my tears have frozen solid, Rain down like falling stars

you loved me just to leave me, like an angel in the yard

that's me there by the fountain all chipped and battle-scarred

an alabaster relic, an angel in the yard


Backyard Angels Im in good company

Backyard Angels your hate liberates me


I should've seen it coming you were always on your guard

since I first fell off my pedestal, fallen angel in the yard

no drink or drug can douse the pain of love still shared but barred

so I'm left for dead with a stone for a head another angel in your yard